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Opioid-use disorder is affecting every corner of Arkansas. Together, we are uniting to help.

Business Toolkit


Linked below are fact sheets, posters and rack cards for you to print and hang in your business. These materials can be printed in the office or professionally and make great additions to bulletin boards and break rooms.

Please consider adding the PowerPoint slide deck included below in your employee orientations or use it as reference material for a separate informational meeting with your team.

Together Arkansas is here to support youyour business and your employees with resources to push back against the opioid-use epidemic in Arkansas. Together, we can create a healthier, drug-free workforce.

Fact Sheets


Rack Cards

PowerPoint Slides

Need help?

If you or someone that you care about is dealing with opioid-use or substance-use disorder, please reach out and seek treatment. Find help by contacting the national drug addiction helpline (24/7/365) at 1-800-644-HELP (4357) or the Arkansas Mental Health & Addiction Support Line at 1-844-763-0198.